A Weekend In Palm Springs

Palm Springs

With southern California being a short drive away, I tend to find myself relaxing on the beach, playing at Disneyland, or roaming the desert more often than not. Palm Springs has the rap of being a sleepy little town where everyone goes to retire but it’s so much more than that. With it’s retro vibes, hip restaurants, and warm weather, you will find yourself leaving this desert oasis completely relaxed and rejuvenated. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit for a three day weekend.

Where To Stay:

The Saguaro

Although there is a Saguaro in Scottsdale, the first time I had ever stayed in one was the first time we went to Palm Springs. With it’s bright colors and spacious pool, chances are you will never want to leave. It’s the perfect spot to lay by the pool, sip margaritas, and listen to music. With Palm Springs’ warm temperatures, this pool is always always always busy. If you’re tired of the noise, the hotel provides a shuttle downtown or beach cruisers that you can ride around town. There’s always something going on so if you’re looking to relax, this might not be the spot for you. But just look at this view.


The Parker

Although we never stayed in this hotel, it holds a special place in my heart. I don’t know if I have ever loved a hotel this much. The minute you walk in, you find yourself in a secluded  paradise surrounded by art and gardens. You will find yourself walking around for hours, napping on the hammock, and sitting by the fire pits when it gets a bit chilly out. It is one of the more expensive resorts in Palm Springs so even if you are unable to stay there, make sure to add it to your itinerary. Too make things even more interesting, Robert Downey Jr. was arrested in this hotel in 2000 and rumor has it, Brangelina started their affair here.

The Ace

This is where we stayed most recently and I’ve found that it has a lot of similarities to the Saguaro. It takes pride in it’s party vibe and often times you will find a DJ, bingo, and more afternoon activities. You’ll want to lounge around the pool and drink some of their fruity cocktails while you get your tan on. At least that’s what I did… Heh. Much like the Saguaro, they also have a shuttle as well as beach cruisers that you can ride around town, making exploring Palm Springs easy.


This is another resort that we did not stay at but explored (can you tell that we like to resort hop?). This Mediterranean-styled resort is a bit tucked away and it’s much smaller than the others, making it ideal for those who are looking to truly relax. They offer yoga, movies under the stars, moroccan tea, and bikes that you can take around town.


Places to Eat:


Alright ya’ll, I’m going to sound like a complete idiot right now but I want you to understand how much I liked Cheeky’s. I am an avid Yelp user to find good restaurants but I have never once in my life written a review. Until I ate at Cheeky’s. It was some of the best brunch that I had ever had. Their menu changes weekly, always giving us the opportunity to try something new. If you choose to go, be aware that there will most likely be a wait and they do not take reservations. It is one of the most popular brunch spots in Palm Springs. However, it goes by quickly. I think we only waited about 10-15 minutes. Also, keep in mind that it is only open Wednesday-Monday so if you’re trying to go on a Tuesday, you’re going to miss out.


Before going to Palm Springs, I tried to research as much as possible and on almost every list that I found I found recommendations for Norma’s for brunch. Located within my favorite resort, The Parker, it’s menu is quite extensive. Although we did not end up making it for brunch, we did eat there for dinner one night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is seating outside under the stars and when the weather is perfect, there is no better place to enjoy dinner. It was quiet and private, allowing for a very romantic evening.

Things To Do: 

Moorten Botanical Garden

My boyfriend, Adam, has gotten me addicted to plants so Moorten Botantical Garden was right up my alley. During the cooler seasons, they’re open from 10-4 but in the summer, due to the heat, their hours are reduced to 9-1. It’s only 5 dollars per person and it’s truly unique yet quick place to stop by. The cactarium is literally a shed full of different kinds of cactus. It makes for the perfect photo op.

Visit the Pink Door

This house it’s own instagram hashtag, #ThatPinkDoor, which means it’s a must see, right? Although there isn’t much to do around the house, it’s another place for the perfect photo op. The house is located at 1100 East Sierra Way in South Palm Springs, an extremely short 3 minute drive from The Ace Hotel. This is one of those perfect times to use those free bikes the hotels offer. Hint hint.


The Cabazon Dinosaurs

Although this is a bit outside of Palm Springs, it’s worth the short drive. If you’ve seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure then I’m sure you’re familiar with Mr. Rex. There is an admission fee to go inside however, it’s really not necessary. It’s fun to roam around and take a lot of pictures (I swear I do more than take pictures. But hey, at least your instagram will look nice). If you’re in the mood to do a little shopping, the outlet malls are right next door and include some amazing stores and deals.

Ice Cream at Arrive

Ice Cream & Shop(pe) might be one of the cutest little ice cream shops out there. Not only is the ice cream some of the best that I’ve had, with unique flavors, there’s also a little store attached with knick knacks. If you feel like exploring, the shop is connected to Arrive Hotel which includes Reservoir (a great spot to eat), movies by the pool every third Thursday of the month, and live music on Sundays.

Go Shopping

Palm Springs is famous for it’s shops, especially antiques and thrift stores. If you walk downtown, you will find stores on stores on stores that will catch your eye. Although I wasn’t able to visit, make sure to stop by Fine Art of Design if you’re a vintage fan. They’ve got decades worth of things.

I miss Palm Springs every day and I hope to make it back soon. Is there anything that you’ve done or want to do in Palm Springs that I didn’t list? Let me know in the comments xo


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